Perimeter Print


The print asset refers to the printed signage located around the field.

Make sure to read the specs carefully as well as follow the best practice guidelines on this page.

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Submission & Deadlines

All content is submitted via our content management portal MKTG Drop.

Instructions for uploading and re-using content via MKTG Drop can be found here.

If you are new to MKTG Drop, you can request a log in with the MKTG Drop Team.

Digital content deadline

Print deadline

4 weeks before first display

6 weeks before first display

Contact MKTG immediately if you are unable to meet these deadlines.

Late content may not be able to be displayed.

Content guidelines

File creation

When creating content for printed signage you must provide print-ready pdfs.
Make sure to include trim marks and colour bars.
If you are unable to create a document the full size of the content, include in the file name what percentage size you have created in (eg. “Signage @50%.pdf”).

Stadium roll out

Every stadium has their own signage requirements, however to keep it simple MKTG only require a mock up of one size along with working files. From here the printers will roll out the various size requirements and provide printing proofs for review.


Due to the many dimensions print signage rolls out to, we recommend keeping content simple; feature a logo or a logo and very short tagline.

Logos should be horizontal / un-stacked.

Ensure to convert all text to outlines so no font issues occur during delivery.

Print signage can be stored and often re-used between seasons. For this reason we recommend avoiding specific campaign messages.

McGrath Foundation Pink Test

In support of the McGrath Foundation, the Men’s International Sydney Test match will be themed pink.
You are invited to show your support by featuring a predominantly pink creative, across your assets.
This is generally achieved by changing the background of your creative to pink. More information can be found on the Pink Test page.


Maximise scale

Content should fill up as much of the LED height as possible.

There are no safe areas on the LED, all pixels will be seen.

Big and bold is best

Text and graphics should be large and bold to maximise legibility from a distance.

Shorter messages perform better than longer creatives with a lot of copy.

High contrast

Maximise contrast between the background and foreground elements.

Dark or colourful backgrounds

Dark or bold colour backgrounds perform best on broadcast.

White and lighter colours should be avoided as the white can overpower the content.


Ensure even spacing

Making sure your elements are evenly spaced ensures that you don’t leave large empty spaces on the LED.

Take into consideration your content will be back to back with another file.

Use the whole space

Make sure to populate the entire LED and not leave large gaps.

You may miss out on exposure if too much space is left blank.

Do not put two lines of text on top of each other on the LED.

No content on edges

Do not use your elements to cover up the seams between files. Content will end up cut in half.

This does not apply for scrolling / moving content.

Have consistent sizes

You should keep all logos and assets the same size throughout your LED and across all files.

Field and parapet can have different sizes to each other.

Order of content

Consider your designs not only on their own but in relation to each other.

If you have a tile that starts and ends with a logo such as below:

When it is tiled, you will end up with two logos next to each other before the text repeats.

There is nothing wrong with this, but it is something to keep in mind.

Print specs

Example of printed signage


File dimensions Bleed
6,500mm x 900mm

File format

File type Markings Colour space
Trim marks


Email to Include
Elizabeth Cook
Print ready .pdf
Working files eg .ai file
List of any specific CMYK values

Ensure to convert all text to outlines so no font issues occur during delivery.



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