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We create content for a wide range of clients for a wide range of assets.
Using our in-house studio is time efficient and cost effective.
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We create content for a myriad of clients for a wide range of assets. From the big screen, to the field LEDs and to the TV’s around the stadium, our in-house studio team is a time efficient and cost effective solution.

MKTG Creative can help not only create content, but provide expert advice on best practice.

Head of Content

Elizabeth Cook

MKTG Creative / Specs

Isaac Moores

Content ready to go?

You will need to use our MKTG Drop web portal to upload and manage content for MKTG run events and venues. 

MKTG Drop is designed to be easy to learn and use. You will need to be added to the list of users before beginning. Contact MKTG to get set up as a new user.

The site will run a check on your uploaded content to make sure it meets all stadium requirements.

Read the MKTG Drop instructions to learn how it works.

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