Marvel Super screen – Side panel


The side screen spec is for the side panel for the Marvel Stadium Super screen.

Make sure to read the specs carefully as well as follow the best practice guidelines on this page.

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Digital content deadline

Print deadline

4 weeks before first display

6 weeks before first display

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Content guidelines

What works best

What to avoid

Side panel spec

You are able to supply static or animated content for this space. 

When creating video for this space, animations must be simple and not overly distracting due to their proximity to the live vision. 

The side panel spec can be used as part of an in break rotation or as part of an activation.

When creating for the in break rotation you will create one 15 second side panel graphic.

When creating for an activation you may create one or two panels, which can be any duration (so long as they are the same).

Example of 1 side panel
Example of 2 side panels


Asset Dimensions
Side panel

File format

Content FPS File type Codec Duration
30 seconds
.jpg or .png
RGB - 72dpi

MKTG Drop asset

Content MKTG Drop Asset
1 side panel
Super Screen - Side Panel
2 side panels
Super Screen - Both Side Panels



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Head of Content

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