AFL Goal animation – Marvel Stadium


Goal animations take over the super screen, stats & replay screen, LED and IPTV and have specific spec, content and duration requirements.

Make sure to read the specs carefully as well as follow the best practice guidelines on this page.

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Submission & Deadlines

All content is submitted via our content management portal MKTG Drop.

Instructions for uploading and re-using content via MKTG Drop can be found here.

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Club deadlines

Club content, club commercial partners, club form.

First Home Match Deadline
Round 1
23rd February 2024
Round 2
1st March 2024
Match day Deadline
Monday 12pm
Tuesday 12pm
Tuesday 12pm
Wednesday 12pm
Wednesday 12pm
Thursday 12pm
Friday 12pm

Commercial deadlines

AFL commercial partners.

Start of season Deadline
Round 1
23rd February 2024
Round 2
1st March 2024
Match day Deadline
Monday 12pm

Contact MKTG immediately if you are unable to meet these deadlines.

Content guidelines


Maximise scale

Content should fill up as much of the LED height as possible.

There are no safe areas on the LED, all pixels will be seen.

Big and bold is best

Text and graphics should be large and bold to maximise legibility from a distance.

Shorter messages perform better than longer creatives with a lot of copy.

High contrast

Maximise contrast between the background and foreground elements.

Dark or colourful backgrounds

Dark or bold colour backgrounds perform best on broadcast.

White and lighter colours should be avoided as the white can overpower the content.

Animation tips

Animated content can be a great way to draw the eye and display multiple messages over the duration of the content.

However animations must not be too distracting, scroll too fast, feature too many messages or flashing graphics.

Consider having your branding/main message on screen for the majority of the duration.

You can use photos, product images and video on the LED, however using these elements exclusively isn’t very effective in this space.


Ensure even spacing

Making sure your elements are evenly spaced ensures that you don’t leave large empty spaces on the LED.

Take into consideration your content will be back to back with another file.

Use the whole space

Make sure to populate the entire LED and not leave large gaps.

You may miss out on exposure if too much space is left blank.

Do not put two lines of text on top of each other on the LED.

No content on edges

Do not use your elements to cover up the seams between files. Content will end up cut in half.

This does not apply for scrolling / moving content.

Have consistent sizes

You should keep all logos and assets the same size throughout your LED and across all files.

Field and parapet can have different sizes to each other.

Order of content

Consider your designs not only on their own but in relation to each other.

If you have a tile that starts and ends with a logo such as below:

When it is tiled, you will end up with two logos next to each other before the text repeats.

There is nothing wrong with this, but it is something to keep in mind.

Including lower logos

Some designs include a set of small logos along the bottom of the field LED.

This option can be useful if there is a close up near the LED.

File creation

How to ensure accurate duration

Due to the way the LED are played out, it is important that all files are the same duration.

Where a spec requires a certain duration, the files must all be exactly that duration, and not a frame more or less.

For example if you are required to make content that is 15 seconds long, you can check the duration in After Effects in the composition settings. The duration should read ‘’

How to render large files

Sometimes when creating files in Adobe Media Encoder or Handbreak, the large dimensions of the LED files can be restricted by the default settings. Make sure to double check the output dimensions.

You may need to change the following Media Encoder settings to the following:

Profile: Main

Level: Unrestricted

Full screen spec

Goal animations take over the whole Marvel Stadium super screens, Stats and Replay screens and IPTV screens.

Example super screen graphic with title safe shown
Example IPTV / Stats & Replay screen graphic with title safe shown


The content runs for 20 seconds exactly, with the following breakdown:

Club branded celebration Goal sponsor celebration End frame hold
5 seconds
5 seconds
10 seconds

After the 5 seconds of club content and 5 seconds of commercial partner content, the graphic will stop and replays will begin. As this graphic is manually triggered it needs a tail hold so the directors can safely return to the live feed / replays before the graphic runs out.


Asset Dimensions Title safe
Super screen
60 pixels
IPTV / Stats & Replay screen
60 pixels

File format

File type Codec FPS Duration
20 seconds


Audio should be added to the 1920×1080 file only.

Channels Sample Rate Max
-24 LKFS

MKTG Drop asset

MKTG Drop Asset
AFL Big Screen + Super Screen - Goal

360° LED Spec

The 360° spec allows you to create unique content that covers the full width LED at Marvel Stadium. You will need to create 5 field files and 6 parapet files to fill out the stadium. 


Parapet 6 and Parapet 1 meet seamlessly.
See layout map.

Marvel Out of Game LED map


The content runs for 25 seconds exactly with the following breakdown:

Club branded celebration Goal sponsor celebration
10 seconds
15 seconds

Parapet live stats

During the 15 seconds of goal sponsor celebration parapet files 3 and 6 are used for displaying the goal kicker stats. You will also be required to provide a backup version where these parapet files are the same as the other parapet creatives, in case there is a problem with the live data source.

Data options include:

Required Optional
Jumper number

There are several options for working with this requirement.

  1. Design an LED where the relevant parapet sections have designated sections for the data to be injected. You will need to provide a sample of how you intend the data sites to look as well as share the font and text colour. Non data backup required.
Example clean render
Example with live data
  1. Create your LED without taking the statistics section into account and MKTG Studio can create these live data sites for you, keeping in line with provided brand guidelines and assets
  2. Create your LED without taking the statistics section into account and MKTG will create a generic un-branded parapet for the statistics to display

Field dimensions

9000 x 96
9000 x 96
11520 x 96
9000 x 96
9000 x 96

Parapet dimensions

4880 x 64
5120 x 64
11160 x 64
11160 x 64
5040 x 64
6480 x 64

File format

File type Codec FPS Duration
25 seconds

MKTG Drop asset

MKTG Drop Asset
AFL LED MAR 360 - Goal Animation


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